Interview Coaching Workshop

Whether looking to progress within your own organisation or searching for a new role altogether, interviews are a key element of the job-finding process. They will usually be the main factor in deciding whether you get that all-important job or not.

This workshop is aimed at anyone looking to improve their interview skills to seek a new role either within their current organisation or as an external applicant. In this workshop, participants are introduced to the knowledge and skills required to improve their chances of having that positive job interview experience, and of course, to help them get that all-important new job or promotion.

A by-product of this training is that the skills you learn are transferable and will help develop techniques that you can use for a variety of situations at work. This improvement in your communication skills and ability to ‘sell yourself’ will, in effect, help to open up career opportunities for you, whether you are actively looking for work or not.

It’s a fact that people who are good at job interviews will have the opportunity to progress their career and those that don’t, find it hard to get on. Therefore, the skills required to perform effectively in job interviews are critical to your progression at work and in life. The workshop can be run as a training session for 5 or more participants.